Matt Barry 11/17/14 After watching X-men for the first time ever in class on Monday, I quickly realized that it was a movie that put together everything we learned during this semester into a nutshell. The background was depicted as a 21st century world with human beings and an uprising of a new species who […]

The movie X-Men shows allegoric characteristics for both gay rights and the holocaust. The overall structure of the movie along with multiple scenes and examples throughout the movie prove this point. The mutants are treated as outcasts of society. They do are not looked at as people, but rather dangerous animals. For example, Senator Kelly tries […]

Magneto is the antagonist in the X-Men movies and comics and in the first movie, Magneto is forced to relive his horrible childhood because the United States is trying to enact strict new sanctions on all mutants; like the Nazis did throughout Jews and other marginalized people throughout Europe during the Holocaust. You could argue […]

Douglas McClure Writing and research X men is movie that is very relevant to what we have been talking about through out the semester and that is evolution. The movie is about mutants who have evolved much earlier than the rest of the world. These Mutants are born with super powers and the rest of […]

X Men was a thoroughly enjoyable film that was not only impactful from a purely entertainment point of view, but also contained a deeper meaning and storyline that pervades more than just superficial storyline. The theme of discrimination is pervasive throughout the film, whereby it could be likened to the likewise theme in Beggars of […]

“You see, I think what you really fear is me. Me and my kind. The Brotherhood of Mutants. Oh, it’s not so surprising really. Mankind has always feared what it doesn’t understand.” -Magneto (X-Men) Fearing what one does not understand is a prevalent theme in many movies, superhero movies, and- in life. Because the Mutants […]

X-Men is used as an allegory to portray the oppression of so-called “outcasts” of modern society and what we deem to be the social norm, as well as it being in human nature to eradicate and exile undesirables. The begging of the movie takes place in a Jewish concentration camp to set the tone of the […]

The X-Men movie is a perfect example of persecution by individuals who are afraid of society being “out of the norm.” Magneto started off as a scared little boy who had been subjected to the horrors of the Holocaust. His family is taken from him and he survives, discovering his power to bend and turn metal […]

Day 1: Dear diary today is my 13th birthday and can you guess that I’m extremely excited! Mom and dad are taking me to the Zoo; I hope I get to see the new baby elephant. The baby was born a few weeks ago. I just love how fuzzy they are and their little toots. […]

The movie X-Men highlights a very concerning human and societal trait: people are afraid of things that are different and unfamiliar, and are especially afraid of change. In the film, normal people were afraid of the mutant’s because they were unfamiliar with them – the mutants were extremely different and their large variety of extreme […]